Crufts Bitch RCC 2009 & 2013 winner

Dsc 3432
March 2013 - Solar wins RCC at
Crufts see
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March 2014
Crufts Stan won his Limit Dog Class while his son
Dusty took a very nice second place in Special Yearling Dog


Borzoi Club 2012

Stan had a good day at the Borzoi Club Champ show 2012 and won the Reserve CC in dogs under judge Michael Real, while his mother Solar faired not quite as well as the previous year when she had won the Reserve BCC and Best Veteran, this year she had to be content with 4th Veteran Bitch in a line-up of champion bitches under Judge Barbara Binder.(USA)

LKA 2010

Endevor Statesman - Stan to his friends has had a good year & delighted us by winning his PGD class and the Reserve Challenge Certificate from judge Denise Courtney at LKA December 2010

Slovenia 2010

Silken Windhound 'Lily' Firesmoke Spirit of Endevor made the long trip out to Slovenia for the European Winners Show weekend this October, she was kindly transported out by my kind friend Hilary and her husband who were taking their own 2 young Silkens to compete in the 3 shows scheduled over the weekend. Having less time available I flew out with two other ladies later in the week to meet up with them. They were so very kind to us all, sharing with us, not only the lovely accomodation they had booked (I can thoroughly recommend Slovenia for beautiful scenic holidays and in particular the excellent recently completed resort of Topolsica, where we stayed) but their car and the whole experience, they certainly made life easy for all of us Lily included.
Slovenian Sighthound Club Show judged by UK judge Susan Rhodes 'Lily' was awarded excellent and 3rd place in Open Bitch
ISWS Specialty Show with our Breed Founder Francie Stull (USA) judging for the first and only time (I sincerely hope she changes her mind over that one, as I found her knowledge imparted, invaluable). Graded excellent; 'Lily' won 1st place in the Bred by Exhibitor Class and from there
European Dog Show judged by Mr Miklos Levente (Hungary) who has judged S/W's several times before, classes were scheduled for Silken Windhounds, graded excellent 'Lily' won Open Bitch and BEST OF BREED

The Borzoi Club Ch. Show 2010

With her owner Vladimir Dukanovic, Borzoi 'Aigul' Endevor Steel Magnolia was the only Endevor representative at The Borzoi Club Championship Show October 2010, (we ourselves, were a bit busy in Slovenia). And what a 'good job' they did, winning 1st place in a strong Post Graduate Bitch class with style. It's not easy to attend many shows with his work committments, so my thanks and congratulations must go to him, for his continued dedication and effort, keeping his lovely Aigul in tip top show condition.

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Dsc 4276c


photo by John Pinkerton

We haven't had a much time for attending shows this year with family committments, racing the Silkens and a judging trip in Australia taking priority. However;
'Solar' Ch. Starborough Solare Eclipse over Endevor, attended a couple of shows since Crufts this year adding a RCC at Birmingham City and her 3rd RCC this year, a week later at Richmond. Her son;
'Stanley'  Endevor Statesman took part at a few more Championship shows, his first time in the Post Graduate Dog Class at Southern Counties gaining him 1st place and, taking 2nd place at both Windsor and  Richmond, where at Bournemouth he won another first and RBD, all in well filled classes.
He also got to a couple of Open Shows and took Best of Breed at Worthing DSS under a Russian Judge, going on to win the Hound Group in great style. The following week he was at Kingston Open and for the moment I can't remember his placing but it was lower. While his brother;
'Jay' Endevor Senator Jay Eff Kay having had time away from the shows and  allowed more time to play,  went racing one weekend with the Silkens and met a very nice 'girlzoi' Olga who being an experienced lady, kindly showed him the ropes and taught him what she knew, with the result that...................although in 2nd he completed the circuit both runs and arranged another date to meet her at the South East Hound Club Open show, where being rather imature he took 4th in the breed Open Class but was rewarded for spending the whole day there (with his new girlfriend for company) by an amazing 3rd in Charity Stakes under Jenny Dove


We are very proud of 'Aigul' Endevor Steel Magnolia, owned by Vlada who together, won FIRST PLACE in the hotly contested Yearling Bitch Class at Crufts judged by Zena Thron-Andrews this year

Brother 'Stanley' won Reserve place in his class


Solar won a Reserve CC  with stanley taking a 3rd in his class

October 2009

Solar won the bitch CC & RBIS at THE BORZOI CLUB 2009

Solarbcc b.c 09crop

September 2009


After missing going to Hoope summer 2008, I am very glad that we managed to make it to the show in Holland this year, taking 4 Silken girls with us and picking Mr Blake up on route in Holland, 3 English ladies travelled to Leek to compete them in the show and Coursing trials.

Fira (Stacastle Hounds Fire Fly) was her true self 'the little Swedish Blond Bombshell' as she not only showed her socks off, ablely handled by Sue in the showring taking 3rd in her individual class behind her daugter Lily and 3rd place in Progeny. She went on
next day to attack the coursing in the same vein and ended up joint second 'Beauty & Performance' over the two events.
While Diva (Endevor's Dancing Diva) took to coursing like a duck to water, putting in a fabulous performance gaining a well deserved 4th in the overall event.
Lily became an honary Swamp Hound on the day - I hope somebody got that photo!
And Cessie decided that chasing plastic was not in her itinary.
Mr Blake at 51/2 months of age gave a very mature performance in the baby puppy class and was rewarded with 2nd place, the judges comment was that; he needed more practice - yes I agree, this was his first shot at the show scene. But what a stunning character in that he felt safe enough to stay with 4 adult Silken girls and 3 ladies (2 of whom he'd never met before) for the whole weekend, without even a murmur of discontent - he'll fit in just great when he get through to the UK!, i just hope Juul his foster Mum, doesn't pine for him too much when he leaves. Blake is now in the UK and he has his own page on this site. We hope that Juul will soon visit him here.
From her summer appearances (3 shows) Solar has added  a reserve CC fromThe Hound Association judge ChristineSpenser and the Challege Certificate at Paignton from Denise Courtney.
Crufts 2009
Solar was our only Borzoi to go to Crufts 2009, the guys being too young having only just started on their show careers, we hope they'll be there in 2010. Never-the-less we had a wonderful time as their parents did them proud. Dad Payatz, became a UK champion and won the Dog Challenge Certificate with BOB also making the cut in the group. Meanwhile Mum Solar, having just returned from maternity leave, was awarded the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate. Let's hope all the kids can tread firmly in their parent's pawprints

Fun Day for Fira & Stan

Fun Day for Fira & Stan

We took Fira Silken and Stan Borzoi to the Borzoi Club Fun Day, Sunday 19 July, they held a Rally with the Afghan Club of UK.

After a tasty BBQ and a bit of time meeting some new and some old faces, we found Fira and Stan a few classes to enter.
Stan just about got in the puppy class age wise; being as his 12 months were nearly up.  To my delight ‘The Thug’ behaved, pulled out all the stops and got 1st in a nice class of numerically equal Zoi & Affs, and thereby bagging a nice few goodies. After a few more came Fira’s class: for most handsomest dog/prettiest bitch this involved a ring full of entrants. After a couple of close examinations and a trot around for each; to huge applause and cheers ‘The little Swedish Blond-bombshell ‘ was awarded first place. Resulting in another armful of goodies to appease the stop-at-homers.

So they didn’t feel too left out of the eating we entered them both in the sausage race, although there were several heats Fira and Stan were drawn together. I don’t know if I’m quite so proud of her here as she was judged second fastest sausage eater overall i.e. next only to a large male Zoi she appeared the greediest - oops!. Anyway she was given even more prizes, albeit no sausages, thank goodness. Stan then collected amongst more prizes for BPIS, a nice bottle of Aussie wine and a few chocs for mom. Wish shows were a bit more like this - less serious & FUN

Fira wins 1st place

Fira wins 1st place

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Fira competing fo

Fira competing fo

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On Sunday 5 April we took Solar and some of the kids along to the Northern Borzoi Association show at Clay Cross, Derby.
It was the first BIG show for the kids and all 3 of them did well, qualifying to enter the next Crufts at the first attempt.

Below Solar is pictured with two of her daughters 'Maggie' (centre) and 'Aigul' (on the right)
Pictured on the move is 'Stan' one of her sons.

Crufts BOB 2009 winner

Crufts BOB 2009 winner

Jester crufts 2009 10x8 enlarged 2

Australia has a new President!
Endevor President Argowan has reached his destination and has now joined the Argowan show team in The Hunter Valley, we think he'll soon be making his presence felt. We wish him and his kennel every success.

Liverpool dist all breeds kennel club march 2009 504
Liverpool dist all breeds kennel club march 2009 464

Lily & Cessie competing in the brace

Lily & Cessie competing in the brace


Fira took 3rd today

Fira took 3rd today


Making new friends

Making new friends


By way of a little variety, I gave a hand to our local farm at an Alpaca Show. This is one of the youngsters waiting for a ring call.
Ellie meets Alpaca Morag, a very special baby too!

What's happening here?

What's happening here?


It's been a long summer here at Endevor, not so much, time taken up with going to shows or racing  but spent at home, puppy rearing. I tend to go to ground with pups in the nest, not taking the other dogs out very much & walking them on restricted routes until the pups have had their innoculations, for fear of bringing something awful back.
There is always an element of risk though, people can innocently bring something in with them, you have to take some chances if the pups are going to see any life before they are old enough to leave home, but lessening the risk by the X factor, is the best policy I feel.
So now innoculated - the fun begins....
Jay aka Springer came up to meet Nan & Grandad on Sunday, we took Fira as she is probably the best car traveller & would also be quite happy to put in a personal. Whinge - he must have perfected it by now, collar = whinge, car going slow = whinge, sleepy = whinge, unknown place = whinge, and so on. Well he had his moments, like greeting & then gazing in adoration at N & G's neighbour's children playing in their garden, ate a hearty lunch and dosed for a few hours before the return trip, which was less noisy.
Just to show I'm not a quitter; I took him out to training for a look/see,  Lily went along as minder this time, she soon told him just what she thought of his constant whinging in the car - grrr, grrrrh, yrrrap = shut yor gob, I'd don't like car travel either, you whingey spoilt brat. That covered it & he took note for the rest of the journey, he whinged a bit inside the hall, but for the most part was totally unfased by the whole experience, lying on my lap = as much as he could fit on it, and making aquaintance with all and anybody who came by to see him. Lovely quiet journey home again, Aunty Lily's just great isn't she! When he got home he crashed on the nearest dog bed in the house for a bit then a few minutes later, he was rushing outside & couldn't wait to tell his bro's and sis; how cool a guy he is!
Solar discovered something lurking in the long grass in the fields where we walk. Sensing by the way she'd reacted when she approached, it was something to be wary of, I warned her back. And catching sight of something rearing up in the grass that I thought might be a mink. I called her over, took her & all the other dogs a short way off and went back to look at what she'd found.
She was right to beware it was a young Buzzard with razor sharp talons on feet the size of a large chicken's. (Aren't camera phones just great - you never have to miss a shot). It was a reasonably warm day & it seemed distressed, gasping for air, I guess the act of fending of a possible assult had further stressed it. A few hours later I returned with some water to see if it was still ailing. I found it just a few yards away, so carefully and wearing leather gloves I pipetted water into its beek, it seemed to help, as it took several refills. I pondered what I could do to help it further, rang my vet who put me onto a birds of prey rescue, they did not respond to my calls. So I decided that it was probably better left to take its chances in the wild than to further distress it by removing it. I returned a couple of days later and found no trace of the bird, so I hope that means it made it.
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